Welcome to Social Audit Network India

Our aim is to promote, encourage and support the principles and practice of Social Accounting and Audit in India. Social Accounting and Audit (SAA), is a framework of accountability developed voluntarily by an organization to define its alignment with its mission and to understand how it has performed in relation to this mission. It guides the organization to understand the importance of effectively measuring impact so that they can report on performance, account to stakeholders and make the case for continued investment in their work

It is applicable across organizations from charities to social enterprises, and can be adapted to audit 'mission' compliance of organization as well as individual projects. Both in terms of scope and scale it is a flexible and adaptable tool that allows organizations to 'prove and improve' performance.

As SAN India adapts this tool to suit India, the challenge for those involved is to ensure that lessons learned are lessons shared and to develop common standards that are relevant and appropriate. In order to ensure that a standard practice is followed across organizations, SAN India provides the inputs and expertise required for using SAA framework to prepare your Social Accounts .It supports you to track your own performance and improve the approach for monitoring and evaluation within your own organization.

You can visit our case studies section to learn more about the organizations who have gained from this rich experience.

Specifically, the SAN India will support you to:

  • To account for social, environmental and economic impact to others
  • To report on your performance, measure up against targets etc.
  • To enable you to plan future action and improve performance

SAN India aims to

  • Position SAA as the framework of choice in the third sector in India
  • Improve the transparency and accountability of existing mechanisms for CSR, Social Enterprises, Corporations as well as Government Programs
  • Adapt SAA to the Indian context through action research
  • Reach out to other Networks on SAA in the global context and share experiences

It is suitable for

Institution type Relevance of SAA
NGOs Impact Evaluation and Planning Process
Social Enterprises Understanding value of social objectives
CSR Articulate value of work to shareholders
Government bodies/programs Stakeholder participation and transparency
Corporations It will enhance Sustainability reporting

Do contact our team so that we can help you to prove and improve...!