How does SAN India help your organization?

Social accounting and audit is a process through which an organization monitors and evaluates its work, reports honestly on its achievements - and failings - and improves its performance through more informed planning and better management( John Pearce )

SAN India is a platform to help organizations reflect on its performance and improve on it .Your organization may already have certain systems and processes in place and you maybe achieving successes and targets too ,but these need to be reported upon and this is not for any other stakeholder but your own entity , for your own benefit . This is where SAN India can guide you; it will help you evaluate your own performance through your own objectives and mission which will be articulated by your team for the purpose of proving and improving.

SAN India provides the following services which will help your organization to prove and improve.


SAN India will provide training and orient your staff about SAA through master classes conducted by experts from the field. Apart from the two day Master Class that we run, CSIM,the training partner of SAN in India is customizing SAA related training programs tothe Indian context .CSIM will shortly launchcertificate programsfor becoming Social Accountants and Social Auditors. These programs will build the capacity of the staff not only towards SAA but also towards effective monitoring and evaluation for future use.


SAN India will provide facilitation to prepare your social accounts, especially to the Social Accounts team including Social Accountant(s) as well as attending to queries and issues through discussions and meetings. SAN India also guides you in choosing the panel and preparing for the panel discussion. It will guide you in selecting an independent panel of between three and five persons, chaired by someone with experience and preferably from the register of approved social auditors maintained by the Social Audit Network. SAN India will be available at all key stages of the preparation of accounts, and for also at the panel discussion. It will respond to the queries if required at the panel in order to provide support to the organization's social accounts as well as to the social accountant. The facilitation processes encourages you to prepare your own accounts through capacity building of your staff who can take this process forward in the next cycle. We believe this is more sustainable.


SAN India can also provide consultation in case you do not have enough internal resources to prepare your social accounts orif your scope of work is too large.

An exclusive consultant will guide your SAA and will write the accounts for your organizationas well as defend the accounts during the panel discussion. The benefit will be that you will be provided a set of social accounts which will help you in preparing your business/ projects according to the feedback and improve on your overall performance. It must, in the interest of the organization, be ensured that this process is not alienated from the organization and that it becomes embedded

It can also provide specialized services pertaining to only certain aspects of your work where you would need support.

In the corporate world, genuine SAA has been one of the first major stepping stones in improvements in corporate social responsibility. For many corporates that embark on the process, it is the first time that serious attempts have been made to go beyond financial measurements and understand the social (& often environmental) impact that the organisation has on its stakeholders. Thus such exercises are viewed as a good step forward towards social impact assessment.If you are a large company then it would help you in planning to embed the SAA process in your CSR practice or even to your sustainability report .It is not necessary that you need to undertake a social audit always in order to undertake our services. We could help you in streamlining your process in a framework which could support your systems and strategies.

If you are a government body then we could help you in tracing your stakeholders and taking their feedback to improve accountability.