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"I started working with SAA to study impact. But having worked with it for over 5 years, I have seen that it can be so much more! It can help you plan at strategic as well as operational levels, it helps you stay in touch with your stakeholders, it helps you assess your own performance and also helps you to convey to your stakeholders in the clearest way possible. But most important of all,SAA takes you beyond the everyday pressures of doing the work that you do, and lets you view your work from a holistic perspective- questioning why you do what you do, and if you're doing it the way that you intended to.

In a lot of ways it is far easier to be a Social Accountant than it is to be a Social Auditor. The view from the other side of the table is quite different! The authority of signing off on a set of Social Accounts saying that they are true and fair comes with a very serious responsibility of ensuring that the panel processis followed thoroughly at the micro level.

The key to building SAA in India really lies in spreading knowledge and building a practitioner base.But it is also essential to ensure that the quality of Social Accounts is not diluted. SAN India plays a key role in this, bringing training, facilitation and consultation together".

Mrinalini Shastry is SAN certified UK auditor and has majored in Strategic Marketing in MBA at the Indian School of Business. She has been working in various roles from program conception, development and fund raising to hands on operations in the area of livelihoods skills training to developing sustainable systems for monitoring and studying the social impact of development work.

In association with CSIM, she has been actively involved in bringing Social Accounting and Audit to India.